Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Painting progress (essentially slow)

OK - just to keep you abreast.  I now have 11 bases of Spanish for Italian Wars (up to 1515) - 3 Sword and Buckler, 3 Musketeers, 2.5 crossbow (the 0.5 is painted but not based), 1 Archers (i.e. cavalry not bow-armed troops - don't ask!) and 1 genitors (or jenitez - basically skirmish cavalry).

Still got a lot of cavalry (genitors, gens de armes and archers) to finish but getting through about a base a night at present.

Reading the Osprey book, they suggest that the foot troops worked in close contact (usually intermingled) - and often had Imperial pike (Landschnects) to hand as well.  It also suggests that the collenas - pike and shot units - were available much earlier than the POWR book suggests.  However, I'm focusing on the Spanish in Italy army list first (as many of the units can then be used for Imperial and later Spanish armies as well).

Also knocked out some more Republican Romans (8 bases so 2 S&S Units) as they looked a bit threadbare in the box.  I'm going to aim to get some more triarii done by Wednesday - I think I've got some 6mm Gallic cavalry somewhere as well as Numidian skirmishers so will aim to get some of these done for Thursday.


  1. So can you field a PoW Spanish army yet?

    1. Not yet - they need a minimum of 18 bases of which the cavalry are core troops. I need 2 gendarmes, 2 archers and 3 genitors minimum as well as some landschnechts as the Spanish need some pikey protection. Next 2 weeks will do it.

  2. I think you have made better progress than you think. Considering your free time this seems pretty quick to me!

    It has taken me just over 3 Months to complete 18 units of Greeks