Saturday, 27 June 2015

Plassey Update 3

Clive's main base was Madras!

We're on the final push for Plassey and the Thursday night session covered a lot of ground.  I think we have the layout, rules and a rough idea of the terms of engagement for the day.  Below is a list of the last actions to complete the demo game.


Earth bank
Brick kiln.


Paint Horse Archers
Get more unit number stickers.


More red trees?


Print up display map
Bring 2 or 3 units of Indian archers.


Crib sheet for 18th PoW 
Quick Play rule amendments
Paint up Native Porters
Base up and finish Indian Horse Archers
Paint up Indian Boat
Paint up extra Indian command
Paint up extra matchlock unit
Paint up extra elephants to push artillery.

Is there anything I have missed or are there any further constructive criticisms?


  1. Horse archers well under way, although the heat today is leading me to an evening in the garden with a beer...hmmm

    Unit stickers all present and correct.

    I hope to have the lot painted up for next Thursday latest as I have WW1 British artillery to get on with

  2. That's great. If you can give me whatever you have finished by this Thursday it will give me a chance to get ahead with the basing of them. I have finished the boat and native porters and hope to have the Indian commander painted by the weekend.

  3. Earth bank will be ready by Monday. Kiln done.

  4. Also - paint up some Indian brick makers :)