Friday, 12 June 2015

Sword & Spear Rule Queries From Last Night's Game

I posted on the Forums to see what responses I would get from our two little rule queries that cropped up.

Here are the posts and replies which I think clear both queries up....


  1. Makes sense. As you say just read the rules literally. It's good that you get such a prompt response.

  2. Yes it is good to have someone reply so quick. The Sword & Spear forum is excellent and is well supported.

  3. Glad that's sorted
    When a unit routs/killed off, friends within 4 inch ? have to take a disorder test?

  4. The routing rule is something I missed last week. I wont forget this rule again!

    The distance is 2" to the left, right and front of the routed unit PLUS a full move distance of the routed unit from its front edge to the rear. All units withing these areas must make a discipline test. The consequences are not good

  5. Well, there you go! Basically keep everyone more than 2" away and not to the rear - unless you want the extra dice for support. Ooooh, decision, decision!