Thursday, 9 July 2015

Enemy at the Gate!

Where the iron crosses grow!

Russ, Mark and I where talking about a Stalingrad game, as you do, at Gauntlet, after seeing one of the other tables playing a 15mm Kursk scenario.  I was surprised that neither of them had seen the grain elevator from Timecast, so here it is.  It's big and expensive but it looks good.

Again, we have the troops, this could make a good collective project and a possible contender for next years JoS?


  1. Well, I have the snow-covered troops for both sides! The key issue is when in the year its going to be based - winter or summer ; and also the level of wreckage involved in the scenery. After the Luftwaffe visited most of the city centre was wrecked. The wooden houses in the suburbs were generally burned to the ground (just leaving the chimney breasts standing). Do we base it by the Barrikady, the banks of the Volga, the grain elevator, the city many possibilities!

  2. You're right. If we were to look at this in more detail it would be interesting to see what aspect we would all prefer to wargame.