Monday, 20 July 2015

Joy Of Six Weekend

It hardly feels like a a Year has passed by since our last trip over to Sheffield but time flies as they say!

This Year we decided to visit Bosworth field. Saturday was a fine Summers day and the visitor centre was not very busy which made it better.

Photos of what was originally thought to be the site of the battle

Turns our that in 2009 they discovered new evidence that moves the site a good few miles from this shot.

After afternoon tea and a walk around the exhibition we headed on up the M1 to Sheffield for our 6mm extravaganza.

The show has a new venue for this Year which I felt greatly improved the entire event.

With more traders attending including Leven miniatures and the surprise return of H & R plus more games than last year the show was a great success.

Here are some photos of the other games which were being staged

Great War Spearhead Robert Dunlop

 These are 3mm paper buildings....

 Baccus early war British...

DBMM Ancients demo game

Something Napoleonic... figures by Adler

WW2 game

The eagerly anticipated Waterloo game by Ian from the blog with no name...

Battle of Nashville by the guys from Total Battle Miniatures...

I want to make one of these mats.....

 Nice river...

Winter game

 Something Napoleonic again, possibly Ligny?

Here is our excellent table and photos of the initial setup of the battle

I was hell bent on a more agressive strategy. After two trial runs with the East India company, I had learned that the Indian contingency had a very dodgy command structure and in the two games we played prior they had struggled to send orders and stick to them due to unreliable commanders.

I deployed in a sort of square formation and my plan was to advance on turn 1 straight out the brickworks up the road to roll down Jon's command and storm the Indian redoubt forcing a morale test on the entire army.

 It did not take me to long to get to the water tower, my only problem was a french gun battery...
I charged in and was bounced three times before finally forcing the gun to retire. Jon and I had a right old scrap and my artillery from the other commands reigned havoc on the Nawab.

With the help of Mark by rolling numerous 20''s his command started to lose units and was on a -4 before too long.

With me being me I made a dangerous change of plan which nearly cost me the game.

I sent the my strongest British command off over to the Nawab and split my force.

 The Indian's quickly took advantage of my mistake and swarmed my position at the water tower.
 I lost a unit and things started to look very dodgy for the East India Company.

Luckily Phil who was looking after Mir Jaffa did not make a decision to take sides and really helped me to get my lines re organised. Mark's command made another attack but the losses he had suffered earlier came to haunt him. By the time Phil was ready to make a move I fired more artillery into Jon's units which caused multiple routs in his command causing Jon's command to rout off table.

Mark was over 50% losses by now so it was handshakes all round and a fine victory for Clive.

Well played to everyone, it was great that everyone could attend this Year. Just disappointed we never got a look in on the best game / friendly game award.

I'll blame Martin for that.


  1. Nice pictures as usual Russ. I think the winter terrain Great Northern War battle and the Nashville battle were the best looking games. We must try harder for next year! It was a great game which could definitely have gone either way and I would like to play it again in the future.

  2. Thanks Ian,
    The camera worked a treat as usual. I agree with you, the Nashville game was probably my favorite and I am going to e mail him tonight to ask about materials / techniques for both the mat and the river as I really like these.

    Like you I also believe that we can improve on the terrain and you cant count me in on developing this further over the next Year

  3. Nice shots Russ + a good weekend

  4. Excellent weekend in the best company.Pity the Nowab didn't turn up.

  5. I was waiting and waiting for the opportunity to strike - either into the EIC or the Nawab. I think Mark was so worried about me that he forgot about the EIC - leaving Jon to fight them alone. If he'd gone after Clive it may have forced my hand to join in on the Indian side as Jon was getting battered. Each turn brought a different perspective as to which side to support or attack. When the Shakens appeared I almost went for it - but didn't have the pips to make a worthwhile attack. Another time....