Sunday, 5 July 2015

Plassey Photos for JOS Setup

Here are the photos I took of the table layout for plassey to help us set the game up....


  1. As ever, great photos Russ. I am thinking of using your irregular bases in the Bengali camp so as to introduce more tones and the irregular bases you did for the trees to break up the open battlefield without getting in the way of the game; I'm not sure whether it will add anything but I am a bit concerned with the differing green tone of the coastal terrain and my other boards.

  2. Wouldn't be unusual to have different or thicker grass near the water but if we could blend it in some way it might improve the look. Perhaps scatter some darker flock onto the lighter boards where the two colours meet to make it less straight and defined. Rest looks the dogs doodads

  3. Thanks Ian, I will at some point in the next few Months be upgrading my camera so this one is likely to be up for grabs if you are interested?

    The table looks great and I am not sure how much better we can make it look to be honest. I will bring those bases down to the club on Thursday for you and you can see how they look.