Saturday, 11 July 2015

Rule amendments for Plassey

As promised, the following are the special or amended rules for Plassey.


They have a range of 8" and count as a skirmishers for firing and movement.  Roll a D6 and consult the following;

1 = hits itself
2 = hits nearest friendly unit
3,4 = hits nearest unit to target
5,6 = hits target.

Rockets never fire as part of a group and automatically inflict one casualty.  All irregular and mounted units test on a -2.


They fight v mounted as gallopers and v foot as others.  Any units in contact with elephants after one round of melee are automatically shaken.

The elephant unit is also armed with jingals.  They fire as light artillery and can fire over other units in front if they are in base to base contact.

If elephants get retire shaken or rout they will stampede in a random direction according to the following die roll;

1 = to the front
2 = to the left
3 = to the right
4,5,6 = to the rear

All units other than skirmishers will take 1 strength point loss, become shaken and must take a morale test for being charged.

Oxen artillery

Fires as heavy artillery.  There is no close range modifier.  They may fire and move at speed 3.


All units, other than rockets, will automatically fire as if they have rolled a "3"

Unit morale

All units test for morale if fired upon by artillery or rockets.  Otherwise they will only test when they are 8 strength points or less.  All units that route will cause any friendly unit within 8" to also test.

Army morale

Any command that falls to or below 50% of it's strength can only accept hold or retire orders.  The rest of the army will also drop by one level of aggression when a formation loses 50% according to the following progression;

Indian Army level of aggression; Engage, then Engage, then Hold, then Retire.

Mir Jafa level of aggression; Will follow the rest of the Indian army until he commits himself to one side or the other and may use engage orders irrespective of the situation of either army.  However, if his command falls below 50% he can no longer be more agressive than Hold.

EIC level of aggression; Attack, then Attack, then Hold, then Retire.

Indian redoubt 

If the redoubt is taken by the EIC, then the whole Indian Army will take a moral test.  The artillery in the redoubt is siege artillery and will ignore any cover that is occupied by a target unit.

Unreliable Indian Commanders

Some Indian commanders are unreliable and when they roll a "6" on their command roll they will use 2 points to change their orders to one level lower from their current level of aggression and use the remaining points to fulfil these new orders.

Mir Jafa may commit himself to one side or the other at any point.

Rash commanders

Any rash commander of either side will increase their order aggression by one level if they roll highest on their command roll.

Number of turns and Rain!

22 turns in the game.  From turn 8 we will roll for rain; a 6 that turn, 5 or 6 the following and so on until it rains for one turn.  All EIC are shaken but this can be removed during the command phase.  All Indian artillery is shaken plus 1xD6 turns; to be rolled individually for each battery.

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