Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Stalingrad in 6mm

One of the projects for next year will be Stalingrad in 6mm.  We've been looking at some of the buildings options and came across a new company (to me) ; Novus Design.  They do 3 major Stalingrad buildings including the Lazur Chemical plant and the Red October Factory.

The Barrikady
Red October Factory
Nizhny Locomotive Works
Lazur Chemical Plant

Timecast do a lovely range of Eastern European buildings such as factorys and the like, as well as the famous grain elevator (£70 though!!!).

Some of the warehouses

Grain Elevator

Gamecraft ( also do some interesting items

Wrecked government building

Wrecked factory

There are also some interesting items on Ebay.

Lot of ideas to think out - but using the river we're showing at Joy of Six in our Plassey game as the Volga, with wrecked residential blocks, factories, shops, houses etc. it could look spectacular!


  1. I can see the airbrush coming into it's own with this lot

  2. I've ordered one of the Ebay ones just to see what it looks like and paints up like.