Sunday, 5 July 2015

Waterloo Gauntlet 2015

Here are the photos from yesterdays fine battle. Mark took the French with Ian looking after Wellington and myself with the Prussians.

Mark made his plan to swing Nay around his left flank and try and push up the hill.

This allowed the British to form a strong gun line on the centre ridge with Uxbrudge able to form a cavalry reserve. Unfortunately for Mark the Prussians were to arrive much sooner than he would of liked.

The Guard and main French line did not move to support Nay and Kellerman over on the left, mainly due to some unlucky hold orders and some reluctance to take on Wellington's gun line.

This resulted in a piece meal attack which could of caused us some big problems if the centre was being attacked at the same time. As it was the uphill advantage and the isolation of Nay's division allowed the British to wingle Mark's attack down.

By this time the Prussian first division had arrived over on the French right. Mark made a fight of things but the Prussian heavy & horse batteries were dealing out punishment big time.

Mark pushed the Guard up the centre ridge and we realised we had been fortunate as they pretty much rolled over our stuff and were well into the rear sector of our table edge. Picton managed to hold them but needed support from Orange and Uxbridge.

I could of believed a French victory here after seeing how strong the Guard were. In the end though it was a combination of the Prussians arriving early and the delayed arrival of the Guard in the centre that spelled Napoleon's downfall. The French had lost 17 units which exceeded the army break point so at around 6.40pm on turn 6 out of a possible 7, the game was over.

An excellent game which demonstrated the strength's of Grande Armee.

Thanks to Mark for putting this on, the table looked great and it felt like we were moving armies around.


  1. Excellent photos and a very good summary of the wargame. Mark's battle was superb and was the best looking game at the show. I have played this three times now and it is a credit to the rules and the subtle amendments for the terrain that make it play so well, and make it difficult for the French to win. The uphill bonus for the British and their ability to hide behind the ridgeline, and the garrisoned farms all made a decisive contribution to the game. Hougouemont was ignored (which gave me a great base to counter attack from), La Haye Sainte was taken by the French and Papellote was stormed by the British, the French and the Prussians in turn. In our game, the French delayed their attack, not with a preliminary bombardment but with a flank attack by Ney which allowed the Prussians to tip the balance. Well done to Mark, and I still think the French can win, so I am looking forward to the next time we play it.

  2. My My at waterloo Napoleon did surrender!
    Stunning pictures Russ
    Gents, thanks for a great game

  3. Absolutely cracking pics. The table looks terrific!