Sunday, 23 August 2015

A rainy night in Georgia

Or a rainy day in Clocaenog
A fine time putting the finishing touches to my sword and spear Imperial Roman army
Imperial might

Medium auxiliary archers and light troop with Bolt throwers for support


Contari impact heavy cavalry

The Roman equivalent of trench mortars

More archers and another unit of bolt throwers, Mwah mwah mwah!!

Auxiliary infantry

Did I mention heavy cavalry with impact!!!!


  1. You have done a fine job here Mark. Pity I don't actually have an historical army to fight you with at the moment.

    My 6mm Sword and Sprear armies are Carthage (LATE) and Greek hoplite (EARLY OR LATE)

    With all the other stuff going on I doubt I will be painting any more ancient armies now this Year.

    Hopefully Phil or Jon might buy into the rules I know Phil has a mass of unpainted 6mm stuff. Jon just needs a gentle push to buy a Gaul army...........

  2. My imperials can fight your armies, just give em a chance precious.
    The imperials would have been putting down Greek revolts

  3. Well then that settles that!

    Look forward to the battle

  4. Don't mention cataphracts to Phil. He'll book you in for an eye test.