Monday, 3 August 2015

Acw farm (total battle miniatures)

As yet unpainted this farm complex is to be at the centre of the Gettysburg battlefield beside the peach orchard. By accident or design I don't know but my artillery stands fit inside the cattle(pig) pen and my 20mm bases fit snugly between the farm building and the wall , an ideal fit for a sharpshooter stand. The plan is to allow a brigade to occupy the farm complex in loose order allowing its individual stands to fire from any face as long as the infantry stand has line of sight to the Enemy it wishes to fire at. Any close assault on the farm will involve all of the brigades stands with the defender gaining defence modifiers. Historically the farm was the scene of intense fighting with horrific casualties on both sides and was made famous by the assault by the confederate troops of Mississippi and the heroic stand of a union artillery battery that positioned itself in the courtyard and fought ( and died) to the muzzle