Monday, 3 August 2015

Advance upon Sur-ly-B'Stard!

I have tinkered a little with the game scenario we had last Thursday and come up with the following scenario.

It is September 1918 and the Imperial German Army has failed in its bid to win the war during its Spring offensives.  British Empire units have counter attacked and forced the Hindenburg line.  The Germans are struggling to consolidate a defensive line under the repeated attacks.

The British have punched through with one of these limited offensives and have not required the reserve to achieve this success.  Instead, British Army Command have seen an opportunity to take a ridge line above the rail head and mining town of Sur-ly-B'Stard which will set them up for the next big push.  Lt Generals "Whiffy" Fewtral and "Stinker" Shakespeare have been given command of a two regiment divisional reserve with the remaining tanks from the last advance.  Supporting artillery is limited and the tanks are prone to mechanical breakdown.  They have been tasked with securing the ridge line.  In addition, if the rail head was secured then the Germans would be forced to continue their withdrawal all along the line as this is a key logistics hub.

The Germans have struggled to pull a regiment sized group together for the defence of this key sector.  Oberst  Johannes Okey will have to make the most of the terrain to delay the British advance.  Corp assets are limited but Headquarters have sent their most experienced defensive expert, General "Quadratkopf" von Broeders, to aid in the defence; but he may be delayed!

I will send detailed OOBs to each side but they will be proportionately based on the forces we used last week.