Sunday, 2 August 2015

More Terrain For Our Games & Age Of Dreadnoughts Navwar Fleets

I decided that this Month's budget of Wargaming cash would be spent on 2 things....

An order for my overdue WW1 German & British Fleets for Victory at Sea Age Of Dreadnoughts and a shit load of terrain pieces from various sources....

Ian had advised me to call the chap who own Navwar on Saturday's as he only opens up once a week so yesterday I took the plunge and called him.

 53 minutes later after being enlightened on all aspects of WW1 Naval battles and ships I was ready to send out my order of ships. I was really really tempted by the GHQ 1:2400 ships but quickly realised I would need a second mortgage to buy what I needed. 1:3000 scale it is then.

Tony at Navwar was very helpful and for the money I spent I think that I got a very nice selection of German and British ships. Looking forward to painting these up and developing the period further.

Today I based up my fields which I bought on Ebay a few Months ago which do look nice and I thought about ordering more but for the cost I thought I could do better....

So I found a company in the good old US of A which makes some very nice felt fields. Order placed for lots and lots of fields......

Here are some photos. I think that these are excellent and will cover all our War-gaming periods effectively. The company URL is here

What I like about these fields is that you can cover the entire table with them and with some practice create undulations and hills by placing stuff under them. I am open to suggestions but I don't think from a practical point of view we could do much better than this?

On to Timecast for some more Deciduous and Poplar trees to line the roads like this

You can also see the felt fields here which look nice.

I am now going to Leven Miniatures to purchase a load of Normandy buildings.......

I will burn in hell for this flippant spending!


  1. You were only on the phone for 53 minutes - he must have been in a rush!

    You may burn in hell for your spending but at least you'll be wargaming in paradise.

  2. Personally I am beginning to think that Taylor is a bad influence on me. Since I've just bought a load of time cast roads and didn't help that they have released a 1:300 burnsides bridge for Antietam to fit the river sections. Damn damn and damn again .might have to look at hotz mats. The ploughed fields may look good when mixed with the others I have

  3. You go for it Riss
    I expect to see ir all painted by next week

  4. I have the WW1 German fleet already.