Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Return to Sur-Ly-B'Stard

For this Thursday's game we will return to France but in June 1940.  The perfidious British have abandoned their Allies at Dunkirk and the French are desperately trying to form a solid front against the German Blitzkrieg which is pushing on to take Paris.

By this stage, the French high command is attempting to form hedgehog positions of artillery and infantry to stem the German onslaught.  The village of Sur-Ly-B'stard has been selected as a vital holding position and Colonels Marcel Jaquespierre and Pepe LeFewtrell  have been ordered to hold the village and prevent enemy armour and motorised elements from opening up the road to the south. The battered reserve units of the Glorious 52nd have been reinforced with whatever artillery is available in this sector.

Heinz Guderian.  He had been an artillery officer in WW1 and had been on the receiving end of British tanks attacks.  Maybe he had been at our previous game at Sur-Ly-B'Stard!

The Germans, under Von Broednitz (a former officer of the Austro-Hungarian army who refused to flee with the Von Trapps) and Von Okey (a staunch hater of all things French, especially their air traffic control) are commanding lead elements of General Heinz Guderian's Panzer Corp.  Fast Heinz is the leading exponent of Blitzkrieg and his famous motif, "Don't tap them, boot them!" is the essence of his orders to Broednitz and Okey.

The town sector will be 2x village sectors in this game.  Troops in the open, even if entrenched, will still count as in the open if over run by armour, and remember they do not count as entrenched if attacked in the flank.  Therefore, all terrain pieces on the table do not count as "open" and so I haven't made the hills objective points as they may well take on an importance regardless.  Support troops firing behind others in the woods will, as ever, be crucial, but this may be so for the Germans as well.

The Germans will have armour, motorised troops and air support and will be able to flank attack.  The Germans will win if they are able to trace an open road through Sur-Ly-B'Stard from the North to the South. The French will have managed a draw if they lose the position but inflict +18 losses to the Germans.  A good plan will be crucial.

Jaquespierre and LeFewtrell dicuss where the nearest Michelin starred restaurant is located!

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