Saturday, 8 August 2015

Spearhead Great War - Obligatory Movement

After Thursday nights game I promptly pre heated the oven and re baked my white dice.

I had only recently found my missing white dice so was really pleased and looking forward to using them again, only Jon took a liking to them on Thursday and I had to watch throughout the evening as some audacious dice rolls too place, all against us!

Jon managed to use my 77mm guns to great effect, something I have never been able to do for 5 years.

Phil became the dice god on the night and every time it was an 11/12 Phil managed to come up with the rolls...... using my dice.

All in all though in the end it was a lot closer than it was looking earlier on. The Germans dug in with MG's are a potent force. I just wonder what would of happened if they had been able to call in the 150 gas earlier.

Anyway.... I was reading the rules and if you check out page 9 3.7.2 you will see that it clearly states no stands are allowed to pivot unless they are reacting to spotted enemy.

On Thursday after we bunched up and got what we deserved Ian had made a subtle hint to "spread out". Unfortunately according to the rules we could not of done that as we had not spotted any enemy at this stage.

This is going to be an important rule to follow in future games. If you come on table in close order then even after taking a thumping from artillery you will just keep moving in a straight line.

It also states that all companies must move at max speed until they either contact enemy or reach they end of their command arrow.

It always pays to read the rules. I think like WW2 we will find stuff out all the time as we play.

"Stinker" Shakespeare - he has just brushed his mustache.....

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  1. That's a good rule you've found. I think it may even be the same in WW2 but devastating if you come under artillery fire. This will be very important in the next game when the Russians make their debut.