Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Forces I need for Remagen (Mark)

Mark I will need you to bring the following on Saturday.


Panzer battalion= 1x HQ Panther, 1x recon PzIV, 9x Panthers.

1x Regt HQ (Inf in car), 1x non flame engineer, 1x motorbike recon.

2x battalions each with 1xHQ, 6x smg, 3x rifles, 1x hmg, 1x 81mm mortar.

1x 88mm AA

3x Pak40

1x company of 3x rifles.
1x Pak40
1x recon kubelwagon

1x battalion of 1x HQ, 9x rifles, 2x HMGs, 1x 81mm mortar, 1x Pak40 - all motorised.


1x Regt HQ

2x tank battalions each with 1x HQ half track, 1x recon jeep, 1x M8 HMC, 12x chaffees.

1x armoured inf with 1x HQ jeep, 1x recon jeep, 1x HMG in halftrack, 2x Flak halftracks, 1x 57mm ATG in half track, 1x 81mm mortar in half track, 1x M8, 9x Inf in half tracks.

1x cav recon troop of 2x jeeps with 30 cal, 2x jeeps with 50 cal, 2x M8 armoured cars.

Also, do you have a suitable train?

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