Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Somewhere in the Aegean.

A small island within the Italian held Dodecanese.  It is 1943 and Hitler is worried that the Allies will intervene in the Balkans and outflank the German eastern front.  Concerned that Italian resources and resolve are weak, units of the Wehrmacht are reinforcing the island chain.  JU52s land supplies and men in order to bolster local defences.

This is our game for Saturday 2nd January.  It is a practice run for a proposed naval and land campaign for next year.  Hopefully I will have some extra terrain ready for the game.  I will email Russ and Mark with the troops I will need; British infantry, amphibious equipment and some German units.  Mark and Russ will be the Allies as they will have detailed knowledge of the Allied equipment.  Jon will be the Axis defender.  Can everyone confirm if they can get here for 9.00 and whether they are up for breakfast?

Also, a reminder that we will be playing our Italian Wars battle on Wednesday 30th; Jon can you confirm if you can make it so that I can get provisions in?


  1. This looks good, is that a belgian dinghy in the harbour?

    I'll be there 9.00am, coffee for me s'il vous plaît