Friday, 8 January 2016

Falaise Pocket

Thursday nights game of spearhead .
scenario taken from Warning order online gaming magazine (cheers)
Germans had to gather their spread out forces and push  the British blocking forces as British reinforcements arrived from random directions.

Result=A draw


  1. Good concept. Russ was unlucky with his rolls (or I was lucky with mine). The fog of war is crucial with this game.

  2. I enjoyed this scenario despite being a grump git last night. Well worth another blast for a Thursday night game. I think because of the unpredictability of the British re enforcements it is a real Bi Polar kettle of fish and anything could happen on a given turn.

    I must read the rules more often as I still get bamboozled with some of the Spearhead mechanics, a crime really considering how long I have been playing!