Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New H & R WW1 Germans

Just thought I would take a few snaps of my first packet of painted and based new sculpt H&R WW1 Germans....

The unit at the front with 4 figures represents my Stormtrooper company

The new poses are excellent and bring the figures to life
 You get a full strip of command figures in each pack with a good assortment of poses,
for my HQ I have used a mix of figures with the binocular chap at the front, who will also come in handy as a FO on other stands.

As normal I asked for a second opinion on the base colour and the response from Debbi was "it looks like an alien planet"..... well for me that will do as I wanted to try and replicate the muddy battlefields of the Western Front on this army. I was reminded that the figures are still too small though.......

Bases are Coat'D Arms brushscape sand brown washed with GW sepia and the dry brushed Vallejo beige brown.

I sprayed the figures with the army painter matt spray which I am still not sure I like the finish.

Overall quite pleased with these and am looking forward to the next pack.

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  1. Figures look great. Can't wait to see them in action against your British or Mark's Russians. Don't forget that GWSH has a scenario book out for 1914 western front and are about to publish one for the eastern front. You could get away with some vegetation on the bases for games set in 1914 or on the more open eastern front of 1914/15. I have to say that I am tempted to look at the middle east for a future project!