Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Thursday nights game

Russ put on a spearhead game of his own devising.
The British troops (veteran commandos and paras)
had to take the three 88 AA units to win the game.
Germans had 2 regular infantry battalions to stop them
German troops set up is hidden then the British enter from any table edge.
 German set up
 Phil's I Pad (not required)
 British push on the objective halted by German ambush
 Ranges were reduced to simulate dark, so close combat is the order of the day
 German armour waiting to pounce
 British finally crush ambush
 Paras try to assault town but run out of steam and break
German blocking battalion breaks as well leaving the reduced commando battalion to finish mission
A German infantry battalion is hidden  in the town waiting to pounce.
Time Gentlemen please.
Cheers Russ nice scenario defiantly got replay value.


  1. Agreed. I think that scenario could be altered and reused many times over. How about a light infantry and light cavalry command attempting to destroy the baggage of an enemy force (ancients to WW1!)

  2. I thought the premise was fantastic. Really enjoyed it despite losing! I agree with Ian - this could be played several ways (I'm thinking winter with a beleagured German force being assaulted by hordes of Russkies in the dead of winter and charged with holding open the supply route for their forces...