Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday's "Big Split Board Battle"

Thanks to Ian for staging this one, I thought it was a great idea and it played out really well.

Now we have played this it opens up other theaters of war.

It felt like we played 10 Thursday night games in one day.

Very rewarding but challenging none the less!

Even though The British had superior numbers it was not a walkover by any means.

The 25 pounders lived up to the reputation once more and I even managed to deplete the ammunition on some of the batteries with little effect of the Axis.

In case you did not already know it - yes they really are shit!

I thought the 5.5" guns were a little more effective and in the end helped us to a victory.

British armour proved to be effective through numbers. The Firefly's were the unit of the day for us together with the 17PDR's that Jon used effectively.

On my side table 2A proved a real hard nut to crack. Phil made clever use of limited assets but managed to cause me a major headache by 3.00pm.

I was glad to of cleared this table but it slowed us down big time.

Jon made tracks over on his side but hit some heavy resistance from Mark late afternoon and was beaten at one point.

We somehow managed to make it to the back tables with limited time left but this was enough to gain a minor victory on points.

I think that the Germans missed out on their ability to flank us more effectively and I was glad that this was not put to use more effectively. The British could only advance in linear fashion which I felt could of been exploited better as the Germans had the run of the entire battlefield and could of caused us major problems. I guess we kept both Mark & Phil occupied so as to stop this happening.

Here are the photos with Phil practicing his Kung - Fu

Great day, thanks to all for making it happen.


  1. Great photos Russ and again, thanks for all the effort on the boards. I think your summing up is spot on.

  2. Great game
    really enjoyed this on, thanks for putting it on Ian
    Your summary is right Russ
    Time to start rebasing the Americans for their go
    Nice pics

  3. Great pics Russ. Trust me, the 5.5's were VERY effective. I think you do a disservice to your own tactics which were spot on. If you'd come on with the Buffalos then your attack would have been over pretty quickly. By finding out where we were using your infantry and engaging my troops then you gave yourself a hand up. If I had moved the trees back 1" from the river edge I could have blatted you all day without being spotted!