Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Reich Strikes Back!

I didn't have to paint anything new for last weeks one day campaign, which was a very unusual bonus.  However, just so no one thinks I've been idle, below is some of the terrain and units that I have been preparing since Christmas.  The beaches have been upgraded for future beach landing games and the German maritime units are for the upcoming Nostalgia campaign.  I am hoping, if I get the terrain done in time, to put on a German amphibious attack for the Good Friday Game (please check if you are available).

Sorry about the poor photos - I really should use the more up to date i-pad.

An E-baoat leads the convoy with an Arado 196 float plane in support.  The Arado, obviously, doesn't require an airfield and will enable the Germans to employ airpower from any of the islands in the campaign.  I haven't decided whether to terrain the Arado's base as sea or land!

A German F-Lighter ferry with armed trawler on escort.  The F-Lighter is carrying a Karl Morser in order to reinforce one of the islands with counter battery fire against the Royal Navy.  The F-lighter has an integral battery of 6 pounders and is able to give support fire during amphibious attacks.  The Italians also used them and intended to employ them against Malta.  Many were also deployed in the Black Sea and on the great Russian rivers - another opportunity to wargame an overlooked but huge area of conflict.

DFS 230 gliders deploy Fallschirmjaeger inland of the impending German naval attack.  I have a few scenarios for these pieces of kit - but I can also see them used as an option in a future one day campaign.  In the Nostalgia campaign it will enable the Germans to employ commando raids using the feared Brandenburg Kommandoes!