Friday, 18 March 2016

Admiral Dwane Pipe triumphs again

Last Night saw the US navy take on the Italian fleet in support of their Mediterranean landings
We both had 150 points limiting BA and BB ships to one per 100 points

The US fleet turn to engage

Mark is told to keep the US plan to himself!!!

Italian commander Phil keeps a brave face as he has his toe nails removed

Russ explaining how to fire the gun to his troops
"Boys all you need is a critical followed by a nine followed by a six"
"here let me show you"
 US fleet closes for action, battle ship "North Carolina" ready to "dish out the lead"
notice the fancy splash markers, Russ had to sell his house to buy these and now lives in the terrain cupboard.
 Italian fleet advancing towards the enemy (a novel move by the Italians)
Notice the battleship on the right there, don't blink
 And there it was gone
(Refer to Russ's instruction on gun firing)
Pride of the Italian fleet

 Phil's toe nails being used as splash markers
 Phil's dice rolling, after this he asked for an American visa

End game, Italian fleet took a bit of a battering with their DD's not getting into torpedo range
Largest Italian ship at the end of the night

We tried out Phil's alternative torpedo rules which did work and didn't seem to alter the feel of the  battle
When using multiple ships firing torpedoes at multiple targets we need something to speed up the game
As it was the torpedoes acted in the same way as in the written rules
the key seems to be "get in close with multiple launches"
Thank you gents a good game


  1. It was a good game - even if I was on the losing side! I think I need to give some thought to tactics, as the dice aren't here to help!

  2. I thought the torpedo rules actually worked very well. I was slightly sceptical before hand but think they are pretty much water tight, unlike the Italian fleet....

    I personally found the dice to be very helpful....

    1. They seemed to do OK. Mark sinking a cruiser with a destroyer shows that if you get is right they can be devastating but also seemed balanced in that a few misses were recorded...

  3. Err,what's with the green liquorice allsort?

  4. Great stuff Mark. Talk about lucky / unlucky! The Italians couldn't hit a barn door last night. Well done the Yanks. Toenails to be replaced by fancy dan markers next time. As will the liquorice allsorts :)