Saturday, 12 March 2016

WW1 German Fleet

Bought these from Davco about 12 months ago and finally got around to basing and painting them up.

The fleet comprises battleships, battlecruisers, armoured cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers and torpedo boats.  The latter two are painted (there are hundreds of the buggers) and just need to be based but the bulk of the fleet is done.

Battleships and battlecruisers

The sea effect is done by sticking textured wallpaper to the base, painting it a deep blue then dry-brushing with lighter blues each time.  Then I draw around the ship in pencil then drybrush white around the ship shape and back to form the wake.

Wake effect.  Textured wallpaper stuck to MDF base and painted.

Rules we currently play are the excellent General Quarters from Navwar which play quicker than Victory at Sea (especially for WW1 battles).  I also thought VaS was too biased towards Japanese and American ships in terms of firepower and British ships in WW1

Cruisers and smaller / older battleships 

Each ship is labelled underneath so I know which is which (I'm not a big fan of having labels visible on the table).  Identification is through very small dot stickers which have either 1 - 10 or A-Z on them in different colours.  Before the game I can mark on the sheet which ship is which then get on without having to turn them over every time.

Label underneath


  1. These look very nice Phil, top job!

    We will have to have a WW1 game in two weeks time and I will have my British ships to take these on. 150 points per side but I think with WW1 we should be allowed to field 2 BB or BA ships per 100 points instead of 1.

    I just like big guns :)