Tuesday, 12 April 2016

One day campaign

A quite day at the office
So I thought I would check how the points compared for our one day battles using the scenario generator system.
The Brits (all regular) 1No infantry division plus 1No tank brigade plus 1regiment (4) 5.5 howitzers
3Foo =2347 points (+/-2% transports for infantry platoons)
I have not allowed for the aircraft
The Germans Panzer Grenadier Division 
Reg HQ + 1No infantry battalion +Stug battalion (Veteran)
2No infantry battalions + AT batt +Art Reg +AA batt (regular)
2No infantry battalions + Airfield guard (green)
3Foo =1296
I have not allowed for the aircraft
That puts the Germans at about 55% of the British
fascinating!!!!(must be said in a Mr Spock voice)

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  1. Nice one Mark! I was aiming for 50% when I worked it out on the back of a postcard so I'm quite pleased with that!