Saturday, 2 April 2016

Taking the next step - Terrain Mats

After my own personal experience with my terrain boards I have learnt that

A: They were a lot of hard work to produce
B: They cost me a damn site more than I first anticipated
C: They are a pain in the backside to transport
D: They are not as durable as I would of liked, for the money

With all this said and done on a positive note we have had some top games using the boards so I am not going to send them to Valhalla right now but I am looking at better things.

The reasons are mainly logistical and practicality.

I searched around a few sites and found these excellent gaming mats - 6ft x 4 ft.

I am seriously looking at parting with some cash here as these are just the dogs....

There is a lot on offer here that covers all our periods.

The price may seem steep but I can tell you that the boards I knocked up were probably more expensive.

These are made from rubber and can be easily transported and will last!

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