Monday, 23 May 2016

Remagen update

Sound track sorted
just need to borrow your sound effects CD Ian to make up a play list

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Actions for Bridge at Remagen Game


Thanks for everyone's input on Thursday.  The following are the actions we have agreed to.

Ian to create event cards - so far Hitler Youth and USAAF.
Ian to create range sticks and laminated OOBs and Umpire Notes.
Ian to put 4" to 6" more train track down.
Ian to contour corner furthest from bridge.
Mark to look at tracking sound effects, movie theme and "sad" bit.
Ian to write up introduction.
Ian to buy and paint up US command tents from Leven. (Anyone know of red cross transfers I can use for hospital tents?)
Phil to make large explosions for the bridge.
Russ to bring his fields.
Mark to photo and blog his bunkers - DONE!
Mark to provide Ian with his spare 88mm.
Ian to paint up 88mm for bridge defence (Do we reckon 44/45 camo or Hollywood German grey?)
Ian to reconfirm OOBs for Mark
Russ to email Baccus and confirm we are a demo game (interactive demo to enable cleansing of thrush types).
Phil to put together graphic for Russ to print.

All - Does anyone have access to a display stand that we can use?

Dress rehearsal Thursday 30th June - Jon we can move this to fit in with your shifts.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Bits and pieces

Possible river defences for Remagen game

 Possible field defences for WW1 game

 Command vehicles
allied or axis ?

Sunday, 15 May 2016

World War One Project Update

I have been focused 100% on finishing my World War 1 British & German Corps and today I though to sort everything out that was either nearly or 100% game ready.

Overall I'm happy with progress, there are still things to do like the Mortar companies plus a lot of artillery. I also have a final 7th German regiment to paint and base to complete the Corps.

British and German Corps (1916) with divisional assets on both sides (engineers and tanks complete for British)

German Corps......... 7.7cm brigaded artillery attached out together with 7.6cm trench mortars..

British Corps... still some finishing touches and extra artillery to do but it's coming together nicely...

New Sculpt H & R Germans....

British Tanks...

British Infantry... ( I need to re base these as I don't really like the grass effect)
 British 60 Pdr....
 Another British Brigade...

British 18 Pdrs....

British Corps and Divisional Headquarters...

German Divisional & Corps Headquarters.....

German 77mm guns and artillery crew (new H & R Sculpts)

A Baccus 76mm trench mortar, blends in.... just!

Some more German 77mm and Infantry

On the face of it I think I have enough stuff to field a game in June but with me being away from next Friday for a week I think it may be a little too close to try and organise this for the Saturday.

It may be better to have a few practice games during June which will give me enough time to finish off everything proper and get my 1:600 aircraft ready.

Maybe we go for July instead?

There is still the option to put a game on in June it just depends on who can make it and what we want to play?