Saturday, 21 May 2016

Actions for Bridge at Remagen Game


Thanks for everyone's input on Thursday.  The following are the actions we have agreed to.

Ian to create event cards - so far Hitler Youth and USAAF.
Ian to create range sticks and laminated OOBs and Umpire Notes.
Ian to put 4" to 6" more train track down.
Ian to contour corner furthest from bridge.
Mark to look at tracking sound effects, movie theme and "sad" bit.
Ian to write up introduction.
Ian to buy and paint up US command tents from Leven. (Anyone know of red cross transfers I can use for hospital tents?)
Phil to make large explosions for the bridge.
Russ to bring his fields.
Mark to photo and blog his bunkers - DONE!
Mark to provide Ian with his spare 88mm.
Ian to paint up 88mm for bridge defence (Do we reckon 44/45 camo or Hollywood German grey?)
Ian to reconfirm OOBs for Mark
Russ to email Baccus and confirm we are a demo game (interactive demo to enable cleansing of thrush types).
Phil to put together graphic for Russ to print.

All - Does anyone have access to a display stand that we can use?

Dress rehearsal Thursday 30th June - Jon we can move this to fit in with your shifts.

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