Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Operational Battle of the Bulge

Mark's last post and recent conversations got me thinking about how to turn the operational game into a representation of the Battle of the Bulge.

Remembering a great campaign game Jon and I played some years ago on the computer I thought that a simple way to alter the game was to turn each table into a cross roads or bridge point upon which either side could move from table to table.  The number of crossroads/bridge crossings would be equal to the points cost of that table.  Any unit that could not trace a line of supply along a road network to their reserve tables would be forced onto defend orders and suffer a -1 in firing.

The US would have the advantage of holding all the tables to begin with and would need to shepherd their resources as quickly as possible to stem German advances, creating choke points and possibly cutting off German probes.  The Germans may want to advance as quickly as possible to secure these key objectives, but dare they leave isolated US units in their rear, able to counter attack, like in our last game.

The town table on 1C could be Bastogne with roads leading out to all those adjacent tables - again could the Germans afford to leave it alone for more valuable tables or do they risk excessive casualties and time delay to secure their rear areas.  The river would be the Meuse, the last defensible barrier before Antwerp and the crucial supplies maintaining the whole Allied Western front.

Using the points system the Americans could be allowed to field any units they wish, as there was a hodge-podge of different outfits holding the Bulge.  Would the US player spend big points on elite Paras to hold Bastogne, or opt for more Green troops.  Can they afford not to have a unit of engineers building road blocks and laying mines.  Will the German players make the most of their superb late war equipment in the restricted terrain and use Brandenburg Kommandoes to misdirect US reinforcements.

However, we would need the winter terrain for this game and development of winter rules to impede movement and make the road network so important.

Just some ideas for a future game!


  1. Close combat , many a happy hour was spent waiting for those bloody Stuart's and Sherman's to move into panzershrek range , ptink.... SHIT reverse you bastard, no don't turn in the road ...ptink...(sound of tank exploding) and head softly bouncing off computer screen

  2. This sounds brilliant
    Would there be no air cover for either side unless there is a break in the clouds
    could go tank hunting or a supply drop to keep fighting

  3. I would go with no air support - keep it simple!