Thursday, 30 June 2016

Remagen Dress Rehearsal - Photos

I have sent Pete @ Baccus a selection of these photos plus an update on the game and I think after last nights dummy run everything is now ready as far as the mechanics go. Just need to get the display boards printed up in the next week.

Last night the Germans won with a score of 6 points. Our anti tank guns were very effective plus there where a lot of 6's rolled on our side which helped swing the result our way.

It's an interesting theory to create a road block on the farm road to slow down the American's and thus buy the Germans enough time for the train to arrive. The main road in to Remagen has so far proved to be a tough way in.


  1. Great photos Russ. I am surprised but we could do with more trees! The 6 points the Germans secured were all at the expense of the recon company - if Hartman and Angels squad hadn't been pushed so hard then Kreuger would have died for nothing. However, it was the Americans who were left contemplating the futility of war.

  2. New trees done - an extra 100 bases of trees. Explosion markers for blown bridge also done.