Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Their Finest Hour


For this Thursday I am putting on "Their Finest Hour" which if you remember was a Spearhead WW2 game I originally played this January.

I am in the process of e mailing you all with the game map and orders of battle together with specific night time rules and victory conditions.

Mark is fielding the German forces and this time we have opted for a attack / defence points system to see how this plays out.

The Allies will be attacking with a 350 point force against a German 300 point defence.

Be ready for action 7.00pm Thursday

Here is your tactical map of Saint Rennan and surrounding areas...

The Germans are tasked with defending the 3 88 Flak batteries which are deployed in woodlan clearings North of Saint Rennan.

The British are tasked with destroying the 3 batteries for an overall victory.


  1. Like the map Russ. What did use? See you Thursday

  2. It's the same intelligence gathering they used before market garden. All it's missing is a signature in the corner : RuSs aGe 6 1/2

  3. When needs must a crayon will suffice!

    It's the paint program on windows menu, imagine trying to draw with a pencil using your mouse....... I was actually age 7 1/2 when I did this one....

  4. Were you in therapy at the time ?