Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Torpedo Attack Rules Clarified - General Quarters

To avoid any arguments about torpedo attacks (yes they are a common theme)

I wanted to clarify the General Quarters Torpedo attack rules as they are written in the book so I read the few pages earlier and decided to post the procedure here before our game this week.


On your ship SDS data there may be a number in brackets, there may be two divided by a horizontal line.

One number means your ship has the ability to fire out of Port & Starboard. The number confirms how many tubes are available to fire.

If you are lucky enough to have a horizontal line and two numbers then you get to fire out of each side with the amount of tubes confirmed by the number in brackets.

If the numbers shown on the SDS have a circle around them this means that you are only carrying "light" torpedoes. These are less effective with range and damage.

So far so good?


Target acquisition

AFTER all gunnery combat has been resolved players then elect to launch torpedo attacks with eligible ships and targets.

To acquire a valid target use the broadside measurement card. You can only launch against a target that is does not bear within 30 degrees of bow or stern of your ship.

You don't need to measure any distance at this point.

Once you have determined you are within firing arc then place a marker next to the side of the firing ship. It's possible to have a marker on both sides of your ship.

Write down the number of torpedoes you are firing from each side of your ship on a piece of paper or indicate it on your SDS sheet.

You now need to guess on the movement of your target ship in the next turn.

Just select M if you believe the target will maintain it's course

Select P or S if you think the target will turn to it's port or starboard.

Next turn after all ships have been moved if you are lucky enough to of guessed correct then you need to measure from your torpedo marker to the front funnel of the target ship after it has moved.

Standard range is 24"

Range for light torpedoes is 16"

Consult the mine / torpedo hit chart adjusting for range and target speed. Roll a dice and read the result which is the number of hits scored after all adjustments.

Roll a D6 per hit and consult damage chart. If the target ship being fired at is rated a B* or CA* then DOUBLE the hull damage

If any rolls result in a "miss" then the attacking player rolls a D6 for each ship that is within 4" of the intended target, nearest first. on a roll of 1 or 2 the attacking player resolves the torpedo attack against the new target (friendly or enemy) repeating the steps above.

I hope this crystal clear as I want to be able to resolve torpedo attacks quickly with little disruption to the game.

Any questions........ let me know!

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