Sunday, 3 July 2016

Austerlitz Game - Gauntlet 2016

This Year's Gauntlet game and in anticipation Mark had spent a few quid on a crash course in human relations to brush up on his skills.

Austerlitz was our chosen battle - Rules - Grande Armee fast play Napoleonics.

I was placed on the French side with Mark whilst Ian and Jon took the Austrians.

To begin with I had a plan that was quickly nearly not a plan and then was a plan again!

I would force the issue on the left flank whilst holding the centre and Davout on the right flank with a view to releasing them at the right time.

Jon did a sterling job repelling the first wave effectively before he had to leave. I felt I had enough depth and numbers to win over on the left and by lunch time things were looking good.

I was very aggressive with my attack, perhaps a bit too much but I had made ground.

After lunch things went down hill, a few critical failed orders meant my cavalry division went crashing up the Pratzen heights into a barrage of artillery fire and an uphill fight that I never wanted.

Over on the left flank my Guard division failed to activate at a critical moment, Ian was quick to launch a well timed counter attack which quickly became a real gruelling fight.

I had too much stuff over on the left and everything became clunky as I was not able to clear the Austrians enough to move up on to the Pratzen heights. There were a lot of stray brigades pinning my own units and I just could not kill these off.

The dice gods abandoned me by 2.00pm. I had rolled 16 dice with re rolls and only managed 1 or 2 sixes. Unheard of in my legend!

Mark came alive and started his attack but Davout was handled by an Austrian counter attack using heavy artillery which started to nibble at Mark's units. In the centre despite a late recovery by my cavalry which saw off a good few units of Austrian artillery we were realising that we had run out of steam and would not be able to take the heights.

Another top Gauntlet game, thanks to Mark for putting this on and getting rid of my thrush.


  1. Great photos Russ and a very fair AAR. Another classic grande armee game that I would like to play again. You weren't deserted by your dice; that was normal rolling! Thanks Mark for another great game - we managed to play Austerlitz in a day!