Monday, 19 September 2016

1916 WW1 German Corp

Here are the points value for a WW1 German Army Corp

Note that I did not include the Corp HQ stand or both Divisional HQ's - only regimental.

If it is deemed necessary then add another 15 points to this list.

I also omitted the 2 divisional cavalry stands as I don't have any.

Regimental HQ = 5 points
3 Infantry Batallions of 4 companies each = 60 points
3 MG = 21 points
1 Stostruppen = 7 points

Total = 96 x 7 regiments = 658 points

18 x 77mm guns = 108 points

6 x 105mm howitzer = 54 points

2 x 24cm mortar = 24 points
2 x 17cm mortar = 20 points
4 x 76mm mortar - 16 points

3 x engineers = 15 points

2 x 150 howitzer = 22 points
1 x 170mm mortar = 20 points

Total = 966 Points

Depending on who is down this week and any other preferences I will be happy to put on a General Quarters game?

I would not mind using my WW2 Russian fleet if anyone can field an opposing fleet?

Failing that there is WW1 British V Germans.


  1. We might want to add some corp assets to the above list.
    I can bring some Jap ships but I think Phil will be there and he could bring his German fleet - you will need to to do the points Russ.

  2. Ok - So it's looking like a full house. I will umpire so it's 2 v 2. Can I get a full list of your German ships please Phil?

    I need to know what you have got so as to do the points for the Game

  3. I can bring my German or Italian fleets.