Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Future Operational Games

We had a great game on Saturday and it got me thinking about future games and formats.  We've got no shortage of actual games but we need to be careful about how we use our two most limiting resources; location and us!

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Game Format

We have British reinforced division versus German kampfgruppe - we've played this twice but I think we will always get a different game each time we play it, especially with a points option for the Germans allowing them to field any force they want.

Mark is now able to deploy a reinforced US division - Tunisia, Sicily, Italy and Northwest Europe are all possibilities.

Mark also has a late war reinforced Panzer division - I think Phil might have the Russians to oppose them.  This would be a representation of the last German counter attack at Budapest in 1945.

WW1 is now a possibility.  Phil, do you have a British Corp ready for a two corp attack?  I have my French which can be used with the British.  Phil, do you also have an Austrian corp ready to use against Mark's Russians?

Imminent formats

Mark nearly has an early war panzer division ready - I have the Russians ready.

Russ is painting up a British paratroop division which will give us several options.

Phil, do you have a late war Russian reinforced division? - this would make an excellent game.

I am concentrating on rebasing and extending my Eighth Army and DAK forces for next year.

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Future formats

I know Phil is working on winter terrain and Mark is looking at his current units for a Bastogne game.  A winter format will give us options for the eastern front with different formations from 1939 to 1945.

Mark is considering a Russian cavalry corp for WW1 games.

I have the plans but not the terrain for a Normandy style beach landing - this would probably not take very long to organise and would happen sooner if I knew we were regularly playing operational games.

Mark is keen to put on a Grand armee battle in this format.  I think Napoleon defending Paris (arguably his finest campaign!) in 1814 would make an excellent game - however, we would need to know how many of you would be willing to give this a try.

The half format would work very well for a Stalingrad game - the dense terrain over too large an area may well be too difficult for a full format.

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The club space upstairs is booked for the first weekend of every month.  However, we found out that this space is seldom used and is probably available every weekend.

In addition, their is an excellent conference room behind the bar - it is very long but a bit narrow for a full on operational game - check it out when you're next at the club.  This is nearly always available and is warmer and better lit than upstairs.


Of course the games need us.  Please consider your availability for the rest of this year and I will organise games to fit in.  Saturdays are favourite but Sundays could be arranged and possibly another week day - let me know!

The half format worked well for the WW1 game and I think we can do that again with three players.  Also, we could do the drive to Leningrad campaign in a one hit operational format with only three or four players.

Optional new rule

We got talking on Saturday about coldwar spearhead and what a great period that would make as an operational game.  The Russians would want to use a tactical nuclear weapon to clear a table (possibly 1C with its difficult town?) and I would love to see Phil make a mushroom cloud explosion marker!

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However, this got me thinking for WW2.  The equivalent is an RAF or USAAF carpet bombing run against an entire table.  This is an operational game and this tactic is a possible option.  As umpire I would treat this as a preplanned bombardment and every enemy unit on the table would be rolled for on a D6 - 4,5 = suppressed, 6 = killed.  However, neither side would know the state of these units until troops spotted them or they attempted to shoot back.  This would simulate the destruction of communications and command and control, maintaining an historical lack of appreciation of how destructive the carpet bombing has been.  Again, let me know what you think - I think something similar could be use for a Soviet corp level bombardment.

So there's my ideas on where we are going next with operational games.  Please let me know your thoughts so that we can make these games happen.


  1. This gives us a lot to think about
    As you say, the most important aspect is our selfs and the availability we can get and the commitment we want put to this.
    I am keen to do a Bastoign game, either with my late war stuff or Phil's. I will be compiling a list to make this happen IE. Scenario amendments, Figures and terrain required.
    I was thinking of white/grey sprayed sheets to go over the boards as this would keep storage to a minimum. Roads could be from Holtz mats but will require about 6 packets.

    So any ideas/suggestions on this project would be welcome, I am happy to do this as a joint project or if somebody wants to run with this i am happy to help.

  2. I would agree with Mark in that a lot of this is going to rely on us and commitment.
    Saturday's are really the best day for me for gaming at weekends. I could do the occasional Sunday.

    In terms of our next Operational game we now have more options.

    World War 1 is now completed to a level we can play a 2 corp attack V 1 corp in defense.

    I do like the idea of using Marks American division next though so this is my vote for our next game.

    I would like to have my Airborne Division ready before the end of the year which will open up even more doors.

    Cold war is tempting but I must focus on what I am currently doing so for me this is going to be a 2017 possibility. I do fancy a Warsaw Pact or Chinese army....

    As Far as availability goes other than 2nd weekend October I can be free most Saturday's

    If Phil & Jon can only make a Sunday in the next two Months then so long as everyone is up for it then I can make this happen.