Tuesday, 6 September 2016

General haigs drinks cabinet

Saturday we set up for a WW1 game using the multiple table system.
We had done all the pre bombardment on Thursday night
The British had bombarded most of the tables for 6 days and  turned the landscape into utter ruin.
The long pre bombardment had given the Germans (who were defending) an extra regiment in reserve.
The British plan was to attack with the whole corps ( yes a whole corps!!) across the whole front, with no reserves in order to get General Haig's drinks cabinet closer to Berlin
The Germans only placed troops on one forward table with the rest of the division held back at table 3 to ovoid most of the bombardment.
Table 1C
German regiment still here.
They didn't get the recall orders to a safe area like the rest of the division
pre bombardment took out a battalion (4 stands)

Table 1D

Table 2C
the real defence line

Table 2D
the strong sector with extra wire

Table 3B
The safe sector.
Most of the division was here for the pre bombardment, drinking schnapps and eating sausages.
The British only targeted this area once with one super heavy gun and missed

British assault pores thru and the German regiment falls back (That's twice now Oberst Shakespeare)
The Germans were caught and routed for Feck all!

The British moving thru 1D
those trenches look suspiciously empty, it could be a trap
( No they were empty)

The British run up against the real defence line
but pre planned gas puts a hole in the defence

The same on 2D

Fire fights, assaults, pushback and breakthroughs along the line

German reserve regiment come in to plug a gap

Desperate defence along the line

The breakthrough happened at 2D and with no reserves to hand the German line was broken
general Haig's drinks cabinet moves forward.
A well executed plan Russ
Well organised again Ian

Great game Gents, thanks for putting it on
I need more Russians


  1. Good photos and you put up a sturdy defence. If you hadn't lost that regiment on 1C I think the result would be different. Your counter attack on 2C nearly tipped it!

  2. "Sir, today we captured this much area."
    "Baah,excellent Captain Darling and what scale is this."
    "It's one to one sir, this is the area we captured"
    "Baah ,excellent,excellent "