Saturday, 17 September 2016

Operational Games Organised.

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I've got Jon's dates, spoken with Mark and Russ and discussed it all with Phil and it looks like we have a plan!

Friday 30th September

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This will be a follow on from the recent WW1 operational game based on the Somme battles of 1916.  Commemorating Verdun 1916 we will use the same table layout but with a German Corp attacking a French Division.  The two towns will be replaced by Verdun forts.  We will introduce Observation balloons, aircraft and integrated tape measures on all the tables to facilitate pre-planned bombardments.  I may also allow some more corp assets.  Russ are you able to work out the points value for a German Corp?

We will do the smaller 2-2-1 layout and try and get the room booked behind the bar.  It may be impossible to use upstairs on a week day.  Russ, Jon and Mark will play and I shall umpire.  Phil may be able to make it but I will have to wait for confirmation.

Like last time, we will use the Thursday night to pre-plan the game and roll for preliminary bombardments.

Saturday 23rd October

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Full table operational attack using a reinforced US armoured division.  Same tables as last time but I would like to replace the river on two tables with a line of dragons teeth - just an excuse to use another dramatic terrain piece that requires engineers to cross - can you organise that Mark?  I will give the US the option of a carpet bombing attack.  The German players will be given 50% of the US points to create their own defence force (including bunkers) as I think we now have the experience to play this to its full potential.

Saturday 19th November

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A full operational game using a 1941 reinforced panzer division.  The defenders will be Soviet but because its 1941 I will have to do something a little different to allow the Germans to attack and outflank tables but allow the Russians some flexibility in defence.  The Germans will use their standard flank roll of 2> with a -1 for each level of tables.  With only 2 order changes each turn this may allow them to overstretch themselves, especially against a tough and superbly equipped opponent.  The Russians will use an armoured train allowing them too operate on a railway that will replace the existing road.  With inbuilt FOOs and recon this will give flexible firepower support onto adjacent tables.  In addition, any off table armoured or motorised reserves will be able to move on and put in flank attacks as part of their initial orders - but do the Soviet players go for a strong initial defence or powerful reserves to launch a concerted counter attack - they will have the points to decide.

There you have it!  Hopefully an autumn season of planned games that could lead to more games in the Christmas period.  In addition, Mark, Russ and myself are planning to visit Timecast on one of the Fridays before the two operational games and get some more terrain and trenches but fit in visits to RAF Cosford, the battlefield at Shrewsbury and the Roman city of Wroxeter.  Let me know what you think about the games and the visits.


  1. Thanks for this Ian. I will let you know the points value of a German Corps shortly.

    Sorry but I am not available for the 23rd October. We are In York from 21st and I wont be back in time for this one.

  2. I will work out points for attacking armies and and dig out all my dragons teeth and put a picture on the blog.

  3. Russ, what about the 15th or 29th October?

  4. Ian - the 29th is good so pencil that one in please.