Thursday, 29 September 2016

Spearhead Italians V americans

A Thursday night 500 point game
1942 US division meeting an Italian armoured division ( its a specialist division Baglieri/Bagpuss or something )
Us regiment (green) moving forward on the right picking up objectives but no sign of the enemy

Italian recon controlling artillery making the yanks pay for taking the wood on the left

Yanks still paying

Italians are spotted

Recon dealt with
Notice the Italian tank coming to deal with the 2 No US recon jeeps
11 or 12 to suppress the tank
jeepNo1-11, jeep No2 -12
That was the highlight of my evening

The green regiment advances towards the Italian objective straight into an advancing Italian tank battalion.
The Foo controlling 6x105mm and the new US bazooka saved the day

Another Italian tank battalion comes down the road into the maelstrom of combat

And its all over, ran out of time
Italian tanks rout back over the hill. there is a US M3stuart battalion coming forward just off screen to counter the Italian tank reserves
Close US victory

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  1. Good game. An Italian armoured division in 1942 is barely equipped to fight a battle in 1940 - but they are good fun and it was great to get them out for a change.