Friday, 9 September 2016

The Berlin Hearald headline "The Russian bear is stopped"

forces of the Glorious Wehrmacht army met and halted the evil tide of the Russian communists last night. Here are a few pictures from our front line correspondent.

layout all the objectives are to the right

The hand of the Wehrmacht (well Phil actually)

Motorcycle  battalion race for the objectives, straight into a pre planned katushka bombardment.
Those sneaky Bolsheviks

The claws of the Russian bear close around the Wehrmacht boys

Assault into the village as the Panzer reserves turn to meet the green iron tide

Heroic action at the village as the assault is thrown back breaking the Russian battalion
Captain Von Okey in the latest panzers available stop dead the iron monsters.

A hole appeared in the line as a Wehrmacht battalion routs
(they were probably Rumanian )

Russian armour retreating

Night or the Prussians

The Russian bear halted

Good game gents

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  1. Very good game and a good result. Everyone is playing these rules well.