Wednesday, 12 October 2016

ILYA MOUROMETZ V (russian wwi bomber)

Mark gave me this bugger to paint some time ago and having stared at it a number of times through the plastic bag I have to say I didn't fancy it and it kept getting thrown back into the 'to do' box. Too many struts.

However our recent foray into WWI convinced me to let this monster out of its incarceration and attempt to put it together and paint it.

Never in the field of war gaming has so many swear words been hollered at one miniature or for that matter at an absent Shakespeare ,however I finally managed to keep the fecker together and I am quite pleased with the out come.

Unfortunately I am well aware that Russ will break this in retribution for the Gotha affair.

Now I have to paint the sodding fighter.


  1. Hooray
    Or as we say in the East
    Upon delivery of our air force you will be given the order of Putin
    And the keys to the city of Kiev

    Once we get it back

  2. What a monster. Wait till Mark gives you the Tsar Tank to build!