Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Operational game for WW1 spearhead
Table D1 was left clear for a supposed quick run to the trench line

table C1 the correct approach
blast the hell out of the landscape

table C2

table 3B untouched

table 1D and the Germans have been culled in the open

German off table artillery and air force

Allied off table assets

The fort dies

All that is left from a German division limps onto table 2D

The Germans love gas

Table 2C where the real fighting is

Marks German division passed 3 of its 4 morale rolls
Gut ya !!
Jon's French didn't and the rout to table 3 is open

Table 2C still in the balance

Cheers Gents
A fine way to spend a day


  1. It was an excellent game. Jon put up a very good defence, Russ planned a meticulous and well orchestrated attack, and you were unbelievably stuffy - well done!

  2. Rather than the sheiflen plan this was the Shakespeare 'charge like a berserker and hope for the best ' plan. If I had stuck to my first plan to hold the hill and woods at the back of the second table rather than man the trench on the second table I may have forced mark into his own gas and then counterattacked the floundering survivors before turning on Russ's flank. The more I have considered this campaign the more I like the concept against stand alone ww1 battles. There are so many more options that the defender can employ to lessen the effect of the prebombardment which then leads the attacker to ponder on how many days does he risk if it means that lucky deployment and manoeuvre by the defender during bombardment , may mean that the attacker may face relatively undamaged units plus fresh reserves . Or does he curtail his bombardment and risk an advance over open ground against undamaged wire hoping that the enemy is deployed on the rear tables .