Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Burning vehicles...

Some photos of the burning tank markers in action.  A German column of half-tracks and trucks comes under ATG fire.  The markers show how the flow of a battle can be tracked by the wrecks left behind...

The column winds between wintry hills

A couple of vehicles take hits

More shots come in - their comrades make a run for it

The burning vehicles get left behind

As their mates scarper, the burning vehicles are left where they got hit..

Close up of the unlucky units as the lucky ones head for safety

The only issue we can see with these is one of getting in the way (e.g. should a vehicle or infantry stand cross the path of one of these).  Simply put, the burning vehicle is moved to accommodate the 'live' stand and moved back if possible once the 'live' stand has moved on.  Other than that, as you can see, they do help to illustrate the ebb and flow of battle - especially when vehicles of both combatants are included...

There are about 30 markers made up which should be more than sufficient for an operational game.

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