Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Dragons Teeth in 6mm

With some Russian tanks for a sense of scale. These are 6mm Heroics and Ros T34's.

Start, middle and finished.

I've been working on developing dragons teeth for WW2 wargaming in 6mm for our operational games. Trying to represent large concrete pyramids is not that easy so I've gone for more symbolic than accurate.  A tank could easily roll over one of these in real life but symbolically they seem to work.

The pyramids are metal studs used in leatherwork (any punks out there??). The spiky bits are bent outwards to provide a more stable base (small pliers and thick skin required!). These are then PVA'd to a standard base 9cm long by 3cm deep. 

Learning by trial and error, I then prime the base in grey, paint the pyramids a darker grey then drybrush them, Then flock once the pyramids are dry.  Trust me, this is the best option.  

Of course these can be adapted to any theatre (desert, winter etc,).  Fairly easy and cheap to make - the studs come in packs if 100 so enough to make 11 bases per pack.  We need quite a few for an operational battle (to cross 3-4 tables around 4 feet wide so ease of manufacture is key. 

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