Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I wish i was in Broughton, away, away

So time to slip on my blue jacket and don my kepi as we head to the western theatre in the American civil war.
Russ took on the rebs defending a rail station with what turned out to be 7 brigades and plenty of artillery batteries.
My Corps of 4 brigades came down the wooded lanes whilst Ian's Corps was supposed to flank the rebs by coming down the rail line.
1st corps coming in from the right, I know where the rebs are but not their strength

2nd division on the road waiting to deploy

Reb cavalry tried to slow the union deployment but were caught and destroyed

Rebs redeploying to their left as the union 2nd division swings that way

2 union batteries on the dirt road made units in the open uncomfortable

Union cavalry tried to flank the rebs left and got caught in a pocket between 2 reb brigades
Rebs started to apply more pressure and 2 union brigades were spent.
with no sign of the union 2nd corps, the boys in blue stated to pull back to a more defendable position.
Cheers Jon, nice game


  1. Each time we play I find a new focus of attention to make the table and the game look better. Roads and scenery now high on my shopping list as I have lots of figures to paint or on order. Want to make the farm buildings more of a feature for blocking los and providing cover . At moment they are a bit abstract just placed on table when in reality they each represent a collection of barns and homesteads that in some cases slowed up attacks. Also need more trees so get ready to do some basing Mark. Finally got my garage back so can return to the tAsk of sorting Gettysburg tables

  2. Its a good looking game for a Thursday night battle! You're right to relook at the scenery and improve it. It could be worth us looking at our general approach next year to get our overall quality higher. Maybe we should discuss this over Christmas?