Friday, 11 November 2016

Magnus imperetor

based on the fast play Grande armee rules
this week Greeks v Persians
Greeks left Persian right

Square Hoplite bases with round skirmish and cavalry bases

Persian light horse, like swarms of bees difficult to pin and destroy

Medes infantry reserve, plenty of skirmish capability

Persian immortals and apple bearers take the central hill

Medes infantry try to sweep to Greek right flank,
A reluctant commander (-1) lost his nerve and fell back twice

Greek hoplites close in on the hill

Persians hold the hill at days end and as neither army broke it was called a draw


  1. I think this was a brilliant battle. The Persians nearly won this by holding their reserves and waiting to see which way I went with the Greek centre. Jon played well holding the Greek left and using his limited cavalry reserve to push the Persian light cavalry away. However, I think Russ played a blinder pinning our troops with his skirmish cavalry and nearly punching into my flank with his reserve; and he hated the game!

  2. There are elements of this that actually work pretty well. It's fast playing and does have some subtle bits about it, however as you are aware I just can't live with the "super" unit thing. Otherwise not a bad set of rules to get a big game done

  3. There are no super units if they get pushed back. I lost quite a few hoplites in the battle, especially in that uphill charge!