Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Stalingrad, Budapest, Sevastapol etc.

I've been building a selection of ruined, slightly ruined and untouched buildings for use in a Stalingrad-type battle (either a one-off or operational game where the city covers several tables.  I stil need to create desolated spaces (basically ground level rubble covering a large area with the odd standing wall or wrecked tank for variety. I also need to create some mega-factories to represent the Barricady, Lazurite Chemical Works, Red October factory etc, oh and a railway marshalling yard. 

But first off I need to finish these off.  The untouched buildings need a lot more colour, the wrecked less so. And they will be split into housing, commercial and industrial areas interspersed with open ground where parks and other open spaces can be represented. Mark's Warhammer scenery has been converted into city wreckage blocks.

I need to create some parkland spaces and a hill to represent the Mamayez Kurgan - the heights over the city which were the scene of protracted conflicts during the battle.

I probably need a couple of bridges, thinking about it, and a frozen river...oh, the list goes on.  The streets are made from Poundland sticky tiles and represent rubble strewn streets.

We have to think about the ability of defenders to mine and barricade main routes into the city.  Also the opportunity for attacker and defender to nominate target objectives in the city (rather than taking whole tables in operational games).  

The buildings. Houses, apartments, industrial units and generally wrecked areas.

Close up of a ruined department store

Mark's Warhammer scenery

Some undamaged buildings 

Wrecked suburbs

Mixed commercial and housing 


  1. Dosverdaya Phil, it looks just like the motherland

  2. They look good without any painting. Your rubble technique looks brilliant, let us know how you did it!