Saturday, 3 December 2016

Additional Rebel Ships

I was rather taken by the new Armada game on Thursday night so much so I decided to go looking for some bargains online.

The ships for these rules are by now means what I would call "fairly priced" in fact I would go as far as saying they are a rip off and I would never pay full price for them.

Luckily enough the Brimstage shop has a 20% sale on at the moment so I popped on up and purchased another Nebulon Frigate plus the MC80 heavy cruiser and a Mk2 assault frigate.

I assembled these together with my Rebel fighter expansion pack and am now on my way to building a nice fleet to use against Mark and his dodgy star destroyers.

It will be interesting to see how a 400 point game plays using these much bigger and powerful Rebel ships.

Complete Rebel Fleet now with A,B and Y wing squadrons added.

MC30 heavy cruiser - can hold its own against the Imperial Star Destroyers.


  1. Not exactly my bag but a fun and well designed game. You don't get many opportunities to challenge Jon's complaint of an unbalanced scenario with - "that's because you're rebel scum" - excellent!

  2. I never imagined that getting rammed by Princess Leia could be a game winner

  3. How fast do the a-wings go. On the computer games they were always very fast

  4. The A wings move at 5 clicks which is very fast. The Tie Fighters move 4 and X wings 3 so yes pretty quick

  5. Oh yes there is
    With han solo as pilot

  6. Do any of the big ships have fighters with them as part of the cost like carrier ships in VAS?

  7. No
    All fighters have to be bought separately
    But you can upgrade your ships to make them more effective