Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Something to consider - order changes in operational games

Reading the Spearhead rule book -under changing orders the rules state:

"Order changes may be given to any battalion with an un -  suppressed BC at any time AFTER any enemy forces have been spotted. At least one platoon of an enemy fighting battalion must be spotted to meet this requirement"

So as I understand the rules as they are written in relation to our operational games and the multi table concept mean that we really should not be allowing for order changes to be made to battalions that cannot spot enemy which are perhaps as is often on a different table but wishing to influence things on a table that has enemy on it?

Maybe I am missing something here but as its written it looks like orders need to be planned before play begins and changes to orders should be as written in the rules?

Spotting distance does not extend to other tables so how does a battalion 2 or even 3 tables away react to something it cant spot?

Are we playing the rules or as written or a house rule here?


  1. The rules do not say the battalion has to spot the enemy it is attacking - only that the enemy has been spotted. So you cannot attack a flag marker only a unit once it has been achieved. Also, you can order a unit to attack a terrain feature or objective - its incidental whether a unit is defending it - all my units were ordered to terrain features or objectives yesterday.

  2. Same here, all my orders were to attack a town or wood/ ridge. It's just so happened that on the occasions that it mattered there was usually a German unit standing in the way or moving to intercept. This led to fights on tables I haven't battled on before. The one on the back table with Phil was a humdinger. The timed order can be very import for the attacker and I will definitely use it more on operational games