Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Modern Spearhead Rules

If anyone is waiting on a set of Modern Spearhead from Caliver Books - just got this email:


Unfortunately we are still waiting on our delivery from the USA, our supplier had been in hospital having surgery but is back at work now and we are expecting our delivery end of this week.
As soon as its in it will be posted straight out to you.
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Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 1:38 PM
Subject: Re: Your Caliver order

Hi - any news on this order?




  1. OK, I will have to order a set.

  2. It's probably the same USA provider that I had to take action against on PayPal.it would appear that I have got a refund, just to hand it back to a middle man!

  3. Ian

    Can you order me a set too please when you decide to place your order?

    I dare not publish my name with Caliver after condeming him to death over short changing me with my GQ3 rules / measuring templates.

    I'll square you up with the cash :)

  4. My rules have arrived.hoorah!.Now I have to sort through this box of metal and figure out if I have a post 1980s panzer division or a post 1980s panzer grenadier division. Either way Mary will roll her eyes and say something derogatory about playing with soldiers.

  5. Turns out it wasn't as simple as that. I have it appears the entire Post 1980 light defence brigade consisting of a battalion of M48 Pattonsand 2 Battalions of Infantry( missing trucks) and 105 artillery battalion PLUS the Heavy Defence Brigade consisting of 2 Panzer battalion of Leopard Main Battle Tank,a battalion of infantry in M113 APC and another battalion of infantry (again missing trucks and artillery. Added to these Brigades I have elements of the panzer division in a entire panzer battalion of Leopards, a Panzer Grenadier battalion in Marder infantry assault vehicles a recon company of Luchs (big eight wheeler) and an anti aircraft company of Gepards. Not bad for a start.

  6. Also had my rules turn up (will bring on Thursday). Going to need help translating these force lists!