Saturday, 7 January 2017

Of Things to Come!

An Italian outpost on the edge of the Libyan/Egyptian border nervously awaits the next British offensive.  An axis convoy is transporting much needed supplies to this front-line garrison

British artillery bracket the fortress in a divisional "stonk".  

The wrecked fortress offers limited cover against such a bombardment and the garrison rapidly pulls out before the British launch their attack.

I am very happy with how my WW2 North African project which is developing well and I think I will be ready to put on an operational game by Easter.  Russ, I'm going to need more boards!  I also want to see how Phil's smoking wrecks develop - I think they would complement the superb explosion markers and indicate a freshly bombarded table.  The before and after effects on the fortress could be used for large buildings in our future Stalingrad games?


  1. boards look awesome, you have somehow managed to work some magic on the sand effect which creates a very realistic desert look.

    How many 4ft x 3ft boards do you need?

    I'll get you a price for whatever you need. I think Phil is after some too so might be worth ordering at the same time to save on freight costs?

    1. Yeah need 10 boards as discussed (the more efficient ones!)

  2. Thanks Russ. It took a few attempts to get it right but I'm very happy with the finish. I need another 7x tables (or 14x 2'x3' boards).

  3. That looks amazing! I have 3 more explosion markers for you to add to those bad boys as well. Looking good